We are a laboratory that specialises in digital processes of postproduction and image finalization.

We are committed to offer you the latest in technology and colour correction experience.

It interests us that your project can be carried out with the highest level of quality.

We are a young company with solid foundations. Our efficacy is sustained by the personalized treatment of the projects, along with the ability to obtain the best performance from the tools that technology provides. We work with different digital capture formats, achieving the image's highest quality standards. We perform the processes of image formation, colorization and finalization in 4K and UHD.

We think it is indispensable that our processes are personalized and elaborated according to your needs. For this reason we have decided to locate out laboratories in Rocha’s Lagoon, a beautiful place where you will relax during the last days of the finalization of your movie.

Our headquarters, located in Montevideo, allows us to offer you a painstaking attention wherever you are.

We count with allied artists whose intervention can be requested at any moment, so that your project may have that little touch that makes the difference. Our goal is to offer a style of interactive postproduction where our clients are able to find the experts that will give their projects the finish needed to complete the dreamed work.



Montevideo Lab

José Arismendi 1414, Córdón, Montevideo, Uruguay.


Rocha Lab

Avenida del Navío y Calle 14, Avenida del Navio, 27001,

La Paloma, Rocha.


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