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We are a laboratory that specialises in digital processes of postproduction and image finalization. We are committed to offer you the latest in technology and colour correction experience. We have the infrastructure and capacity to carry out the whole process of image formation, colorization and finalization with HDR technology in 4K and UHD.

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It is our objective that your project finishes in a perfect harmonization of images.

We appreciate our time and because of that we are aware of the importance of yours. We adjust chronometrically to the estimated delivery times.

Our processes are personalized according to your needs. We develop a special post-production workflow to give you the greatest control and security in your project. This interactive method allows us to gain in speed and efficacy.

See our offices in Rocha and Montevideo. 


shanty house


We know that bringing an audiovisual project to a successful conclusion is the result of months and sometimes of great effort and tenacity. For this reason we are located in a placid place where you can focus creatively, counting on infrastructure and a highly qualified work team at your service. We make the useful and the beautiful coincide.

You have worked very hard and on coming to us it is time to relax and flow. You will be able to enjoy nature and attend the second birth of your work.

Shanty, a marvellous place. Trees, lagoons and horses… A natural environment that will allow you to focus on your project. The conjunction of high technology and natural environment is not at all casual. Nothing better than the pure air from the sea and forests to stimulate creative imagination. If nineteenth-century painters took their easels to the forests the 21th century filmmakers can finalize their works in a similar environment. Achieving harmony between the technological, the human and the natural is one of our purposes.


our team

We work for you with the profound conviction and love for what we do.

elisa barbosa riva


Co-founder of ARTEMISALAB. She graduated from University of the Republic, Uruguay, in Communication Sciences and she specialized in Cinematography at the International School of Cinema and Television in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. She worked as a Cinematographer in a variety of short films and feature films on different countries such as Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, and Cyprus. Her works have been selected in renowned festivals such as Sao Paulo, Valdivia, Locarno, Vision du réel, and IDFA. She received special mentions in various parts of the world and she won an award for best cinematography at the festival “Almacén de la Imágen”, Cuba.

mauricio scala urioste 


Co-founder of ARTEMISALAB. He graduated from a diploma in Business Administration from Don Bosco’s Workshops in 2010. He also graduated from the Uruguayan Cinema School (ECU), generation 2012. In 2014 he was a foreign-exchange student in Mexico for 6 months in UPAEP and in 2017 he travelled to Cuba to assist in the EICTV’s fiction theses during 3 months. He is part of Corumbá, a collective form Rocha that promotes cultural exchange activities like ‘Fiesta del Mar’, ‘Land Art’ or ‘Un Mes Corto’.

diego dibarboure


Uruguayan. He studied in the Uruguayan Cinema School (ECU) between the years 2013 and 2017. He specialized in Colour Post-production in the International School of Cinema and TV, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba in 2017. He worked as a colourist in various short films and video clips filmed in Uruguay and Colombia. He also worked in feature films as Data Manager and Edition Assistant. During September and October in 2018 he specialized as Data Manager and First Camera Assistant in Congo School, Bogotá.


To offer the most interactive and innovative services for the finalization of your film with the maximum level of efficiency, looking forward to compete in the international market.


To be your company when it comes to the creation, restauration and transformation of your audio-visual projects. To bring to life your ideas in any type of format so that you can direct it to any film distribution window.


We consider team work to be important.

We believe that sharing our abilities is the best way of growing.

We assume the ethical commitments of our company. We will show integrity and transparency at all times.

We take responsibility for the results of our work. Communication and information will be clear and systematic.

We will place the greatest emphasis on equal opportunities and respect for diversity.

Our activities are characterized by a proactive attitude as a key element of the organization and the innovation as a characteristic in the market.

We will base ourselves on continuous progress, always looking to improve.

We will update our knowledge and we will be in a constant search for the satisfaction of our clients.

Each one of us is committed to reaching the maximum level of professionalism.

To achieve this ARTEMISALAB will always support the growth of its people.


Montevideo Lab

José Arismendi 1414, Córdón, Montevideo, Uruguay.


Rocha Lab

Avenida del Navío y Calle 14, Avenida del Navio, 27001,

La Paloma, Rocha.


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