colour grading

We are a laboratory that specialises in digital processes of postproduction and image finalization. We are committed to offer you the latest in technology and colour correction experience. We have the infrastructure and capacity to carry out the whole process of image formation, colorization and finalization with HDR technology in 4K and UHD.

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It is our objective that your project finishes in a perfect harmonization of images.

We appreciate our time and because of that we are aware of the importance of yours. We adjust chronometrically to the estimated delivery times.

Our processes are personalized according to your needs. We develop a special post-production workflow to give you the greatest control and security in your project. This interactive method allows us to gain in speed and efficacy.

See our offices in Rocha and Montevideo. 

Laboratorio en Montevideo

José Arismendi 1414, Córdón, Montevideo, Uruguay.


Laboratorio en Rocha

Avenida del Navío y Calle 14, Avenida del Navio, 27001,

La Paloma, Rocha.



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