shanty house


We know that bringing an audiovisual project to a successful conclusion is the result of months and sometimes of great effort and tenacity. For this reason we are located in a placid place where you can focus creatively, counting on infrastructure and a highly qualified work team at your service. We make the useful and the beautiful coincide.

You have worked very hard and on coming to us it is time to relax and flow. You will be able to enjoy nature and attend the second birth of your work.

Shanty, a marvellous place. Trees, lagoons and horses… A natural environment that will allow you to focus on your project. The conjunction of high technology and natural environment is not at all casual. Nothing better than the pure air from the sea and forests to stimulate creative imagination. If nineteenth-century painters took their easels to the forests the 21th century filmmakers can finalize their works in a similar environment. Achieving harmony between the technological, the human and the natural is one of our purposes.

We think it is indispensable that our processes are personalized and elaborated according to your needs. For this reason we have decided to locate out laboratories in Rocha’s Lagoon, a beautiful place where you will relax during the last days of the finalization of your movie.

Our headquarters, located in Montevideo, allows us to offer you a painstaking attention wherever you are.